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George Owen


Strategic Psychotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis, N.L.P. Master Practitioner, Mindfulness Practitioner and Counsellor, and Coach

With a long-standing passion for adult education, George has been lecturing within the behavioural science arena for over two decades. George says, “My progression, some years ago now, toward clinical therapies is just a logical extension of my earlier career journey”.

With the explosion of exceptional research findings from neuroscience fields, my interest in developing more efficient ways to support people make positive change grew to the point where formal study in this arena just made a lot of sense. Attaining national accreditation in clinical hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy, successfully completing Master Practitioner of NLP, studying coaching, counselling and so on, forms just one part of my journey. I have come to learn so much from fellow practitioners and most importantly, from clients of my customised personal therapy. I am continually impressed by the resourcefulness that lies within each person.

People are not broken!

People who come for help, often believe and feel they are ‘stuck’ in the grip of their concerns or regrets.  It’s just wonderful to witness people free themselves in just a few sessions and in a most relaxed way.  The very idea that those problems that once seemed so fixed, can fall away when viewed as processes, strategies, that can be changed, and replaced quickly is most gratifying.

Therapy as team … As your therapist, I work to blend the supports that best fit your own unique experiences and using clinical hypnosis we will unite to ensure you achieve the lasting change you need, want and deserve.  After all, therapy is a collaboration, a team effort!


George’s publications include:

“No Worries: Defeat anxiety in 7 short days! No Worries: Defeat anxiety in 7 short days book

Also: your defeat anxiety in 7 short days journal:  Your 7 Day Journal

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