Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic Launches!

“In my early professional years I was asking the question: How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?”

― Carl R. Rogers, noted psychotherapist


Bondi Hypnotherapy LaunchesWe are delighted to announce the launch of the Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic. We are passionate about providing brief, effective and meaningful therapy for you and to support you in creating the life you both want and deserve. Our aim is first and foremost to build your resilience, skills and resources to lead a rich and fulfilling life.

At the core of our work with hypnotherapy, lies the principle that you are not damaged, broken and in need of fixing. You have far more resources, abilities and strengths than you may be aware of when addressing a concern or upsetting issue. Facilitating your empowerment, reconnection to those resources and discovering your hidden strengths is a joy and a privilege to us.

Like Carl Rogers says, we ask ourselves: “How can we provide a relationship for growth and create the space for change to take place?” This relationship is always based on respect and the understanding that you are a unique individual with values, desired outcomes, life experiences and obstacles shared by no one else.

We adapt, change and personalise each session to fit your individuality and not one singular approach to therapy. This makes the hypnotherapy session a poignant, meaningful and personal experience. Profound and lasting change occurs within just a few sessions and you are always leading the way as well as deciding when you have reached your goal.

Call us for your obligation free 30 minutes consultation so we can get to know each other before you decide to continue the journey with us.

1300 822 316

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