Drinking too Much

drinking too much

Drinking too much alcohol? Spending a bit more time and money at the club? Sometimes people come for help to quit drinking too much. Sometimes people just want to cut down. To some, drinking a little, even a little too much, may just seem a bit more expensive, a bit more time consuming than it used to. Sometimes people come for help because they’ve had arguments with loved ones and want some peace.  They may even deny any real problem exists but for the over-reactions of others.

Whatever the context, drinking too much is usually a sign. As a coping mechanism, it helps the person feel better, to stop things being so troubling. Drinking can come to be relied on as a tool to ease worry. Being anxious about the future can signal disconnect from personal power, from one's  connection to their own skill and ability to deal with things.A few drinks might ease anxiety for a while, help you relax, maybe even forget. But in time, the coping mechanism, drinking too much, usually makes things worse. Sometimes  a lot worse and fast!

Drinking too much is great…until it’s not!

Enjoying a couple of drinks say, after dropping off the grand-kids, can be great. That is, until diminishing returns set in. drinking too much, and too often, just points to the need to restore personal power, balance, and choice.

If someone in interested in getting to grips with choices that don’t help, our first meeting would involve exploration of the extent of the problem. We would get clear about underlying concerns, how in fact thinking style makes the choice to start drinking too much seem like a good idea! After all, drinking too much is a choice. There is no hi-jacking on the way home, forcing a detour into the club and forcibly pouring too much drink down your throat!

Sometimes people are surprised when this is pointed out. It’s as if, they’ve forgotten the power they have, forgot about their the freedom to choose. People can feel a lot of relief at this point.  Here they begin to reconnect to their power to choose to drink too much and, most importantly, the power to choose to not drink too much.  The experience of hypnosis at this point can really help. As therapists, this is a most rewarding part of our processes.

If you think you’d like to start to stop drinking too much, get in touch!  A few sessions at Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic just might be the answer. Remember, your first thirty minutes are completely obligation free! Contact us today…  1300 882 316

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