Healthy Ageing and Mental Health

Healthy Ageing

 Healthy Ageing and mental health, not just the super and a funeral…

Healthy ageing, a result of good fortune? A win in the genetic lottery? The result of sensible healthy living? Whatever the cause of surviving, ageing is generally seen as superior to its alternative.  Daytime TV commercials often refer to ageing in a context of either having enough money to pay for the, not too far off, funeral, or enough superannuation returns to retire and live out the last lap in material comfort. But, ageing is not simply about the super and not just about the funeral.  Sound mental health can make a big difference to healthy ageing.

Financial security is of course very important, but as ageing progresses people experience changes in their health including mental health. People can sometimes carry mental health challenges from early years as they progress through the many processes of even healthy ageing. The mix of one’s own physical, spiritual, social, and emotional wellness, are clearly key elements of good health.  On the other hand, the experience of mental health issues and ageing are not inevitably connected.Ageing does not mean poor mental health!

Some people may might find a convenient relation between ageing and poor mental health. Growing “doddery”, “losing it”, “going gaga” are familiar expressions. Such suggested links between life survival and mental illness is not just unhelpful but insulting to people who are ageing. Assumptions like those, serve an unfortunate, however well-intended function.  Assuming someone who is getting older, will necessarily experience mental illness, implies little need for addressing mental health issues. This view suggests there's little need for support with a focus on the goal of restored mental wellness and enjoyment of life.

Healthy ageing, mental health and clinical hypnosis

One possibility in terms of mental health issues and ageing is  anxiety.  Anxiety disorders have many shades.  Obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, stress disorders, excessive worry and so on. Anxiety is, at its simplest, a person's overblown assessment of threat. This is often coupled with an assessment of personal ability to manage the feared situation that is way too low. Psychological symptoms such as being unable to relax, worry, poor concentration, agitation, stress, and so on can be very damaging. Anxiety can even support physical symptoms as well. Loss of interest in intimacy may be assumed to be part of the ageing process. But, anxiety can impede this most enjoyable aspect of life. The mind does affect the body and solution-focused therapies can be very helpful. Brief, solution focused therapy is dedicated to supporting the person reconnect with their own  personal power and self-esteem. This can assist with fuller engagement with all aspects of life. Clinical hypnosis in therapy is a very powerful tool to support rapid and lasting change at any age. The achievement of relaxation in a process of effortlessly building connections to personal skills is a very agreeable, drug-free experience, often with lasting benefits.

Ageing can be very rewarding. Ageing should be very rewarding! Healthy ageing means many things, such as enjoying the companionship of others, the pleasure of intimacy, reflecting on achievements, devoting time to younger relatives and simply loving the living of life. Ageing can also be trying, especially when mental health is strained and if the person is not adequately supported. People can have great superannuation funds that are performing really well, and yet experience little joy with their internal returns greatly depleted through anxiety, depression, or other forms of mental health challenge. Such mental health challenges often can and should be addressed properly. One option is solution-focused therapy provided by suitably qualified and accredited practitioners. The search for a suitable practitioner is hot helped by an unregulated market place. Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic is one where both partners are not just experienced but professionally qualified and working under the umbrella of a professional association.



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