Pain Management

Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic supports people in the management of pain so you can get fast and effective pain relief.

Pain, discomfort, and suffering are all elements of what can be for many joy-denying experiences. Even diagnostic procedures, aiming to seek out the cause of suffering can be painfully debilitating. There can be pain of illness and pain of disease, pain of stress headaches and pain of a sprain. But, pain is never one-dimensional. It can infiltrate so many parts of a person’s life. People sometimes refer to their “pain threshold” or experience an injury in one part of the body yet experience pain in another – referred location.

Of course, pain serves a function; it has “signal value”! When pain is called “acute”, it pierces our consciousness with such instant if short-lived ferocity to tell us all is not well and rapid remedial action is called for. When pain loses this, so-called signal value, that is, when it lingers beyond the alarm bell stage to sustain the experience of hurt over time, we call this pain experience as “chronic”.

The use of clinical hypnosis for pain relief

The use of clinical hypnosis in the management of pain is nothing new. For many centuries people have been using clinical hypnosis to help adjust to pain and suffering in life and more modern established pain clinics usually employ a team care perspective in their treatment programs.pain relief

Pain relief and pain management with Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic

At Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic, we believe it is difficult to imagine a more rewarding and compassionate experience than our use of hypnosis in the management of pain. Our thoughtful, sensitive approach, seeks to understand your pain and the associations you have to this often severely debilitating and uniquely personal, often private, and frequently emotional experience. We help unpack elements such as pain and suffering and use most gentle inductions of hypnosis to build resourcefulness and diminish the impact of what some come to believe as a permanent unwelcome guest in their lives. Becoming pain free is not just a hope it is a definite possibility. Call today on 1300 882 316, or contact us for a free introductory chat.

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