Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic

Partners in Therapy

“Here I am, now fix me…”

The therapeutic relationship is interesting for a number of reasons. We listen, attend, identify gaps in skills or knowledge, or some beliefs that no longer serve and gently illustrate alternatives and resources currently not being used by the client. For therapy to be useful, it must promote lasting results, support lasting change.

It sometimes happens that there is an expectation of therapy, where the client’s role in the process is reduced to simply showing up.  The truth is far more interesting.

The Therapeutic Partnership

When we consider some key elements for successful therapy, for lasting change to be made in as brief a timeframe as is reasonably possible, we usually see the following to be in place:

    • Suitably qualified therapist
    • Suitably experienced therapist
    • Excellent rapport established between therapist and client(s)
    • Commitment on the part of the therapist to support the client
    • Commitment on the part of the client to participate fully in the process
    • Full agreement by client to act on between-session tasks (homework)
  • Effectively a contract between client and therapist to do all that is necessary to make the change both real and lasting.

These seven simple elements of effective therapy place partnership at their core. It is this collaborative solution-focused approach that makes results based therapy work.  Does it work all the time? No. However, when all of the seven elements combine, results based therapy can have truly incredible results. 

 Often, when the therapist is poorly qualified or has limited experience, there is a risk that their own anxiety about what to say next, or how to support a person with an unfamiliar issue, will become their central concern in the session. This can lessen the focus on achieving a solution and reduce the likelihood of success, which is why have a highly trained and experienced practitioner is essential. Not only this, but a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and confident entering a partnership with to help change your life. 

The therapists at Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic have a wide range of qualifications including nationally recognised diplomas, and have trained with some of the most renowned names in Hypnotherapy. Both Henriette and George have considerable experience with a range of issues, with a special interest in handling age-related issues. We believe that when the client comes for therapy, their challenges are in the past. Often, it is not the problem that stands between us and the solution, but rather the underlying factors that have created it. Thats why we aim to support you in understanding these factors on your journey to a successful resolution.