Results Based Therapy

Results Based Therapy…What is it? How does it work? How long does it take?

Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic is dedicated to providing brief, solution-focused, results based therapy. But, what exactly is this? What does it all mean? Isn’t all therapy solution-focused, results based? While traditional counselling does focus on finding solutions to specific problems,  an important difference in results based therapy lies in its approach to the client and their presenting challenges. 

Our approach

In traditional therapy, or  what is sometimes referred to as the medical model, the person (patient) presents with symptoms. Symptoms are those departures from comfort or normal experience that the person (patient) reports. The practitioner (doctor) will then investigate further, say ascertaining how long these symptoms have been experienced, if it is the first time, how intense they are and so on. The practitioner may call for some tests to exclude some possibilities. On the basis of investigation, there is an eventual diagnosis, a professional identification of the problem. This is usually followed by a proposed course of treatment called for by the diagnosis.

 In the solution-focused, results based model of therapy, the person still presents with symptoms and describes their experience of departure from comfort or normal experience. However, instead of using this to make a diagnosis, there is a position adopted that the person is unique, with individual needs, and presenting problems (symptoms) are indications of disconnection from personal resourcefulness.  

People at their best

Ever observe someone at play? Doing what they really want to be doing. Whether a child, or adult, they usually demonstrate very similar behavioural characteristics; firstly, it is clear that they are absorbed, focused in the present moment, as if time is standing still. In this experience of absorption there is very little awareness of the past, no anxiety about the future, just the experience of now. When people are doing what they personally prefer to be doing, what they really enjoy, they usually bring their full self to the experience. No deficits, no limits to functioning. 

Results Based Therapy

In solution-focused, results based therapy, we use this sensation of being fully present as a resource to rebalance clients. There is less emphasis on the problems and stories of trauma which prompt the client to seek help in the first place. A highly specialised conversation with the client in the early stages of therapy usually provides an enormous wealth of knowledge as to the skills possessed by the client. While it takes considerable skill to keep a problem in place, these skills can be used to help the client overcome limiting beliefs and unresourceful behaviours.

Making Meaning

We all make sense of our world. When our spontaneous assessment of reality, our meaning or our personal experience, accurately reflect external reality then there is no problem. It sometimes happens however, that there is incongruence between external reality and these assessments. Such incongruence can generate patterns of behaviour that do not help or fit with the context. This is when we have problems.

In Order to Have Problems 

To have problems we must do a couple of things really well. Firstly, we should narrow our focus. This reduces our capacity to notice a wider menu of options or even resources available. Then, we must be pretty good at amnesia. People who experience unhelpful patterns of thinking forget the skills they have within themselves that could be useful in overcoming obstacles. Together, the narrowing of focus and this type of ‘amnesia’ are usually present in what may be referred to as the ‘problem state’.

Results Based Therapy

It follows then, that  if someone can expand their perspective and bring to mind times they have overcome something similar, or connect with skills such as those expressed during times of absorption in enjoyable activities, then problems will be few and far between. 

Elements of results based therapy include helping the client focus attention in a different way. People are already pretty good at focusing. We help the client conceive of the experience after the solution has been achieved, to not merely speculate but to construct with as little, or as much detail as possible, how life will be when the problem is resolved. Further elements include the deepening of the experience through clinical hypnosis where the agreeable state of absorption facilitates connection to personal control and resourcefulness, an expansion of sense of openness to possibilities for success, as defined early on in therapy. There are many skills deployed in results based therapy all dedicated to helping the person access resources that will ensure results are achieved in as brief a timeframe as possible.

So, from sensitive, highly specialised engagement with the person to the application of clinical hypnosis, there is a dedicated focus on the reconnection of the person with such resources as will afford the solution to the challenges that drain effectiveness and happiness for so long. Results based therapy is just dedicate to results  –  as swiftly as reasonably possible.

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