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Want to thrive as a Senior?

Seniors can be thriving and a few tips can make that thriving awesome!


Getting old, surviving, even thriving are simply reasonable expectations of life but expectations are not always realised to their fullest extent. Even apart from risk of illness and disease, thriving can be jeopardised through complex changes in circumstances. No one single cause can make decline inevitable. There are several parts to the story when seniors are not thriving and mental health is clearly a key feature.

Seniors can do many things to thrive through the later years but there are some signals of decline that require attention. These can be:

  • Slowing down physically
  • Diminished interest in eating, weight loss
  • Rumination – depression
  • Diminished quality of thinking
  • Diminished interest in social activities
  • Diminished interest in sex

Just as hypnotherapy is very effective in supporting people get free of depression, manage anxiety disorders, and reconnect with personal resourcefulness, it can also assist with reconnecting to the capacity for seniors to thrive in many areas of life.

Here are some tips that can help seniors thrive again:

  • Try a little light exercise – it improves mood
  • Helping others will help yourself – a great way to have an external focus. A pet can work wonders
  • Learn something new – cook different meals – a great way to renew interest in nutrition and diet
  • Socialise – social interaction and activities are a great way to uplift spirits
  • Maintain regular appointments with your physician
  • Build your network – email, phone, social media are all realistic options to connect or reconnect and even expand social networks
  • Get help – when the interest wanes,

If caring for, or just concerned about, seniors who seem to be no longer thriving, there are a range of services and supports which may be called upon once an appropriate medical assessment is made. Partners, family members and friends who notice some or all of the signals that the seniors in their lives are no longer thriving can promote support through stimulating action. Action is not just important it is critical and must feature in helping seniors thrive. Encouraging creative meal preparation, an outward focus on activities and socialising, building personal resourcefulness and availing supports are all features of care that helps seniors continue thriving and get the best out of life. The Bondi Hypnotherapy Clinic provides a range of services which support seniors not just restart enjoying life but thriving in life.

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