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What clients say!

"Being a smoker for well over 20 years, and pretty much tried everything, I'd more or less given up on quitting.  But a friend at work recommended George's single session stop smoking treatment.

The rest, as they say is history.  I stopped because of health reasons but am realising that I'm saving money too.  No problem recommending  George for getting off the cigarettes".

April 1, 2019

Here's what Tracey has to say after just three sessions with George.



Tracey September 17, 2015

Let's hear from Simon, after a session with George.


Simon September 17, 2015

Hear from another one of George's satisfied clients


Liz September 17, 2015

"I've always been an anxious person.  My family had given up on me because my worrying was so upsetting for them.  I used to feel so overwhelmed all the time expecting the worst to happen.  when I had a few sessions with George, he turned my thinking around.  the thought that I can do anxiety was a real eye opener for me.   The hypnosis was a very good part of the overall experience too.  It made it easier for me to look at things a different way.  I can take things much easier and instead of expecting the worst to happen, I'm more trusting that I can cope with life and have some fun.  This is big for me and of course my family".

Terry Ashfield September 17, 2015

Imagine being stuck on a thought, guilty from the past and fearful of the future, the thoughts being so debilitating you are paralysed from your life and imprisoned in thought of unbearable pain, all this happening to a generally happy young lady, who prior to this never knew what depression and anxiety really meant until this very dark experience.

I thought I was doomed for as long as I live. Henriette worked with me just over an hour and at the end of the session I felt a sense of release, peace and freedom. Henriette helped me to allow a different perspective on life and it is unbelievable how much this session has changed my life from such a dark space to being able to smile once again.

Henriette's approach to hypnotherapy is very natural, understanding and person oriented, her approach definitively worked on me towards resulting change.

Jessie Sydney September 8, 2015

"My husband suffered from bipolar depression and anxiety for many years. He did try all sorts of medications s and visited so many psychotherapists with no significant improvements. We have started noticing some clear improvements right after a few sessions with Henriette. She is professional, compassionate and cares about her patients. She went out of her way to help and did follow-up with my husband even after we left Australia. She is genuine and honest which helped her gain my husband's trust and contributed to the success of the treatment."

Rasha Doha, Qatar September 8, 2015

"Being a single mum, having a full time job and trying to finish my studies, I was stretched to my limit and stressed about everything. I needed help to unwind and manage my goals. Henriette has been indispensable in getting me back on track! I feel more relaxed and have been able to set realistic tasks that leave me with time to enjoy my life!"

Stephanie St Mary's August 31, 2015