Clients say!

"Being a smoker for well over 20 years, and pretty much tried everything, I'd more or less given up on quitting.  But a friend at work recommended George's single session stop smoking treatment.

The rest, as they say is history.  I stopped because of health reasons but am realising that I'm saving money too.  No problem recommending  George for getting off the cigarettes".

April 1, 2019

Here's what Tracey has to say after just three sessions with George.



Tracey September 17, 2015

Let's hear from Simon, after a session with George.


Simon September 17, 2015

Hear from another one of George's satisfied clients


Liz September 17, 2015

"I've always been an anxious person.  My family had given up on me because my worrying was so upsetting for them.  I used to feel so overwhelmed all the time expecting the worst to happen.  when I had a few sessions with George, he turned my thinking around.  the thought that I can do anxiety was a real eye opener for me.   The hypnosis was a very good part of the overall experience too.  It made it easier for me to look at things a different way.  I can take things much easier and instead of expecting the worst to happen, I'm more trusting that I can cope with life and have some fun.  This is big for me and of course my family".

Terry Ashfield September 17, 2015

I first went to see George for smoking and had a great experience.  It was my first experience with hypnosis but I was willing to have a go to get my health back.  I just got engaged and wanted to keep my health good.  The experience of hypnosis was really surprising.  in a few minutes I felt so very relaxed and really comfortable with the idea of being a non-smoker. I went back to George for other issues since and have been very happy with my results every time.   He gives plenty of time and knows a lot more than just hypnosis.   I got to understand a lot about what makes me tick and his stories and conversation is very helpful.

the smoking was fixed in just one session and the other issues I dealt with took a few more and given the time for each session I was more than happy with the value I received.  George has an easy going style that I like and found helpful especially when discussing very serious matters.

Sean Randwick, Sydney September 8, 2015

"I have been troubled with anxiety all my life.  My habits with food were bad and I knew that but I needed help to stop over eating.   I read lots of diet books.  I had sessions with a psychologist and did acupuncture.  when I felt I tried everything I was very upset and depressed as nothing worked.  I never even considered hypnosis until a friend made the suggestion.  I was not very confident but thought I'd at least tick it off.    It took a number of sessions but my relaxation started very quickly.  Over the sessions with George and listening to recordings and reading stuff he gave me, I got better and better.  Glad I gave it a go and making better choices now."

Rachel Petersham September 8, 2015

"Dealing with stress and pressure at work was very hard.  Balancing family time and a huge workload was getting too much.  I tried some counsellors,  but didn't get much better.  I started drinking too much.  I knew it was not helping really but I got some relief from all that stress.  A mate recommended George and while I was a bit hesitant, I called him up and we chatted for a while over the phone.

Over the course of a couple of sessions with George, I felt calmer, able to get perspective.  I stopped drinking too much and relaxed more.  His recordings were very helpful too.   All in all, I got the help I needed and am glad I followed my mate's advice.   On the right trach now.  Enjoying life again."

Alex Bondi August 31, 2015